Its been 11 years,seems long but not too long time for me. When I saw you for the 1st time with a bat playing with others at my nearest cricket field. I saw you smiling and it was different. From that day I started looking at your smile.

One day I realised your smile was for me. I asked your name to a person and he said,”Happy”. From that moment the word ‘Happy’ became my favorite word. Some people may think I am a mad, but no it was the feeling which can not be expressed In words. I was in love and after some days I came to know he was asking about me. I was flying higher and higher thinking that he loves me too.
One day we talked to each other and day by day we became closer. We both knew that we love each other but never said the three magical words. We never felt the need of saying “I love u “to each other. For me your smile was enough to express your feeling for me. 1 and half year passed.

I still love your smile

It was December 23. We were together for 4 hours. Suddenly you said me,” I love you” and asked me to reply. I was a little shy. He was waiting for the three words but I replied,” I ll tell you on the eve of christmas”. He was very happy hearing this. His smile was amazing. I can still remember his smile,it was beautiful. His smile expressed all his love for me.
He advised me for my future. Then he went for his job. He was staying in another district which was a night far from my town.

The day arrived. Christmas. I was very happy. I tried his phone but it was not answered. I tried again at 11 AM and it was off. I thought he must be busy and decided to call after 2 PM,during the lunch break. I was feeling like heaven because finally it was the day to say him all my feelings feeling. I went on bed for some time to gather a beautiful dream.
Suddenly my mom rushed into my room and said,” you know Happy, he found dead in his room”!!!!

What I heard ?
What I felt can never be expressed.
I was falling from the sky and his face his smile every thing was In front of me.
I didn’t reply to mom and ran away heading towards a lonely place but couldn’t find. I sat down on the road and it was In front of my friend’s house. She came and took me inside her room. I sat calm for an hour. I started answering him.
Yes,I love u too Happy.
Yes,I will spend whole of my life with you.
I will love you for ten thousand years.
Actually more than that.
Its going to be 10 years this Christmas.
Your death is still a mystery for me.
Every one busy in their life.
No one knows that I still remember you.
No one knows that I still love your face.
No one knows that still you live with me.
No one knows that I never let you go from my life.
No one knows that I still love you.
I can still smell the fragrance of your body.
I can still feel you near me and I will never let you go.
I still love your smile.

I still love your smile


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