The Amaryllis belladonna is a very, colorful and pretentious flower and therefore the flower is a symbol used to represent the meaning – wonderful beauty or pride.

Amaryllis is a monotypic (consisting of only one species) genus of flowering plants containing Belladonna Lily, known as Amaryllis belladonna lily. Amaryllis is native to South and Central America and the Caribbean. The Hippeastrum genus of flowering plants with tails is wrongly named as Amaryllis or Christmas Amaryllis.

The ornamental plants of the Amaryllidaceae family are mistakenly called lily. The species of Amaryllidaceae can be distinguished from members of the lily family (Liliaceae) through the anatomical placement of the ovary. Amaryllidaceae species are considered more advanced in evolution than lilies. Sometimes the amaryllis family is included in the Liliaceae.

Amaryllis is cultivated because of its beautiful and colorful flowers. The stalks of Amaryllis flowers are straight, 5-60 cm in height, 1-3 cm wide, and hollow. The stalks of Amaryllis have 2-5 large flowers at the top, each flower is 10-20 cm wide, with six bright color tepals (three outer sepals, three inner petals, with a similar look to one ‘t one). A stunning amaryllis flower has dark red markings or different shades that appear in stalks. Common bulbs typically make two 20-22 inches. Large Amaryllis flowers up to 6 inches in total will also appear.

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