Like a stunning frame enhancing the artwork that it holds, a top-notch vase can take your flower arrangements from good to good. If you are trying to decorate your home decor or send a bouquet to a friend, make sure you do not adjust for any old vase. Check out these helpful tips for choosing the perfect vase, and explore some of our favourite keepsake vases:

Consider Your Flowers

When choosing the perfect vase, it is important to imagine what kind of flowers you are looking for to fill it out. Different types of floral species have different needs depending on factors such as shape and size. If you like stemmed flowers, like some kind of roses, you want to invest in a vase that fits their needs. For beginners, the length of the stems should not exceed twice the height of the vase. Also, use vases that measure between 10 and 13 inches to hold flowers with a 20-inch stem. Short-stemmed blossom can be displayed on smaller vessels.

When flowers are arranged in the wrong size of the vase, they cannot remain healthy or well organized. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep some different sizes in hand so you can meet all your floral needs. For long stemmed lovers, A La Mode offers a flared glass vase that can provide the perfect backdrop for different bouquets. Fans of shorter flowers should check out at Dancing Violets Bouquet, with a funky artisan glass cubes that are great for housing smaller blossoms.

Consider Your Home Aesthetic
Of course, the vases you collect do not just have to go to your favourite flowers – they should also work well in the decor of your home. By choosing containers that reflect your personal style and are quite versatile, you always have homes for your favourite bouquet. Clear glass vases, like the one that comes to the Summer Samba Bouquet, are always a wise choice, as it can be used in any flower colour scheme. Receptacles made from neutral wood colours can also be easily reused for almost any plant – the bamboo vase that is included in our Fall Bamboo Garden is a perfect example. If you love the idea of owning interchangeable containers but you prefer your decoration with a pop of colour, consider buying green vases, working well on most leafy flowers and not contradictory in most colour schemes.

Have Fun
Vases are a great way to express you and get creative. As long as the receptacles you choose can keep your flowers healthy and on display, there is no limit to what types of vessels you can use.


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